Our Story

Healthy Equation was born from a deep-seeded desire to help children discover and develop their own unique voice — and, in so doing, build self-confidence for problem-solving, expressing themselves, and ultimately for self-advocating. With these roots firmly in the ground, creativity, resilience, and learning grow.

With VOICE as our guiding value, we set out to help children* by helping their parents — because we believe you are your child’s first and forever coach. We use 3 steps as the overarching process for all that we do. Playfully known as Drip, Drop and Drizzle, this process is a metaphor:


It only takes one drip to create movement in still water. Through reflection and purposeful conversations, we set one goal at a time to get started.


One drip develops into a few drops, and now we’ve got a ripple effect. This momentum helps us reach certain milestones so we can monitor progress and adjust goals as needed.


Those ripples have created waves, and new habits are forming.

Mary Ostrowski (Founder) is an educator, consultant, and author. She likes to say her babies are unconventional in that she doesn’t have any of her own, but as a preschool owner and consultant to both parents and schools, she has many! She is devoted to helping parents raise their children to be confident, resilient and to have a love for learning.

Mary’s work is comprised of three pillars. She is the owner of a preschool in Annapolis, MD. She is the author of Drip, Drop and Drizzle, a creativity journal for children 8-12, with just enough of an academic thread throughout it to be a great option either in the home or in elementary school classrooms. She is also the founder of Healthy Equation, an educational consulting firm focusing on essential skills such as organizational skills or impulse and emotional control.

Throughout her work, Mary always begins with the same five beliefs:

    • Parents will move mountains for their child to be happy and successful
    • All children can and WANT to learn
    • “Success” is individual – we have to define it to achieve it
    • The process is more important than the outcome – process is where strong habits and self-esteem are built
    • Celebrate often, no matter how small the success may seem!

When she’s not working for children or thinking up creative new book ideas, Mary enjoys hiking, swinging on the swings at recess time, and sipping lattes in different places around the world.

*Healthy Equation typically works with families whose children are in middle school or younger.


"Ms. Mary has been the biggest inspiration to my son. He was struggling a lot in school and getting poor grades. He didn’t want to try because he was always feeling like he would never do better. Then I found Ms. Mary, and she has built his self esteem back up and has taught him to persevere through his struggles. I have seen a more positive child all because of Ms. Mary. She has been a huge help to my son and to our family. I am so grateful for her."

Jill VanDam, Mother

"Mary came highly recommended as a tutor, and we could immediately see why! Mary helped our daughter’s learning curves, but she also helped us as parents navigate her challenges at school. She approaches learning in a natural, joyful manner and it made it so easy for our daughter to achieve where she’d been lacking. Our daughter walked away with confidence in her math ability and a smile she carried in her pocket to school. As parents we appreciated all of the guidance and expert advice, which calmed us during what was unknown territory."

Dana Goodwin Schuetter, Mother

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