A rain shower frequently starts with a few drips and drops before becoming a drizzle. The water absorbs into the ground and creates new growth. So too, finding the confidence to create something new on a regular basis can also be a process.

Christopher DDD

Drip, Drop, and Drizzle...


with a child's brilliant ability to imagine and draw, then


them to write about their beautiful drawing, and finally


them to voice their valuable opinions on various topics through written expression.

So often children think they have nothing to say and nothing to write about. After going through the Drip, Drop and Drizzle process, your children will realize they have a lot to say and much to write!


"Drip Drop & Drizzle is the perfect companion for young, budding authors. Throughout its pages are opportunities for writers to put their imaginary fantasies into print, such as when they spend their time with Yellow, to actually looking at their surroundings with wide open eyes and capturing the tale that can be spun from everyday objects, such as the page with the Two Witches sculpture photographed by Ms. Mary in Spain. Free to follow the progression from Drip to Drop to Drizzle or simply choose their favourite pages, this journal provides enthusiastic writers a treasure of writing experiences. Once completed, Drip, Drop & Drizzle will become a special keepsake anthology to be enjoyed in years to come."

Susan McGrath, Reading Specialist - Ontario, Canada

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