Writer’s Workshops

You’re an Author!

In this 10 day course, students will complete a storyboard, write an original story, and develop pictures as they work towards self-publishing* their own picture book! 

Story development feedback will be offered by the course instructor to include suggestions for elaborating on the storyline as well as basic technical editing. Each student will be offered a 20-30 minute one-on-one session during the second week. 
Some “on your own time” will be required for revisions and/or to develop pictures. Pictures could be original drawings or paintings done by the author. The author may could choose to personally act out the story and take photographs to include in the book instead. 
Class Details (2 class offerings):
  • June 15-26, 2020, M-F [11:00-11:45AM (EDT) each day]
  • July 20-31, 2020, M-F [11:00-11:45AM (EDT) each day]
Each class meet from 11:00-11:45AM (EDT) 
Cost: $345 (includes printing fees and shipping costs in the U.S. additional cost may be added on for shipping to other countries)
Students: 8-12 years old**
Maximum Enrollment: 5 students 
* Students will use google docs to create their draft. Instructor will do final layout.
Info for Both Classes

 ** Interested in a course but your child is younger or older than listed? Please send me an email to see about the possibility of joining this group or creating another one.

 *** Intrigued by the class but have a few questions? Shoot me an email at mary@healthyequation.com.


This 5 week workshop is a series of 5 lessons. Each week, the 2 day lesson will revolve around a specific character trait inherent to confidence and a strong sense of self, brought to life through creative writing. In each lesson, students will:

    • engage in read alouds, writing, and artistic creations 
    • build comprehension of the lesson’s character trait and apply that knowledge in their writing (Spelling & grammar are NOT emphasized in this course. Imagination & idea-development ARE!)
    • practice reading/presenting in front of others
    • have opportunities for peer socialization and collaboration
    • celebrate a lot!
Class Details:
[Week 1] June 30-July 1 — INITIATIVE
[Week 2] July 7-8 — PERSEVERANCE 
[Week 3] July 14-15— ADAPTABILITY 
[Week 4] July 21-22 — SELF-ESTEEM
[Week 5] July 28-29 — KINDNESS  
Each class meets from  10:00-10:45AM (EDT)
Cost: $55 per week OR sign up for all 5 weeks for $247
Students: 8-12 years old**
Maximum Enrollment: 8 students 
* Each week’s lesson is independent of the others. Not sure you want to commit to all five weeks? No problem! Sign up for a week, or two, or decide as we go along.

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