If you and your elementary-aged child had a rough time transitioning to distance learning this spring, you are not alone.

No one was expecting COVID to shut down our schools, and with millions of teachers, parents, and educators trying to adjust…

Nothing about the home learning transition has been easy.


Taking kids out of a school environment for distance learning is NEVER easy, and that’s why I wanted to create an easy, doable guide to bring the structure, scheduling, and mindset of a nurturing classroom right to your inbox.

For only $97, I’m going to show you exactly how to make this semester a positive, enriching experience for everyone in your household. 

I’m not here to teach you to be a teacher. I’m here to use my teaching experience to help you bring school-time structure into your home to make the most of your home learning experience. 

I don’t just want you to survive this semester. I want both you and your kids to thrive through a shared experience! 

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and lock in this $97 price. With 5 days of lessons, activities, and preparation guides, you’ll have everything you need to start this semester on the right foot.

I took this Distance Learning mini-course and it really helped me to prepare my family for the school year! It is a valuable resource that inspired us to get organized and excited. It also provided much needed guidance on how to set boundaries around both school and work happening at the same time. I loved the provided resources and plan on using them throughout our time at home. Thank you Healthy Equation!
Megan Y.
Consistency is so important. I am already seeing how starting the year with structure and clear expectations helps with my grand's buy-in during the days they're with me. Strategies that stood out for me: posting a clear schedule, creating a "What If?" poster, and remembering as adults we are always modeling. The organizational ideas and multiple intelligences recognition were brilliant. I really enjoyed this mini class.
Barbara G.
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