One Way To Teach Kids About Diversity

Have you ever judged a book by its cover? I’ve got to admit, I have — and not just the paper kind, but the people kind too. Today’s activity is an introduction to physical traits vs personality traits. It’s one step towards reminding us all to look past the cover and discover the good friend that may just be waiting for you underneath.

[Activity for Parents and Kids To Do Together]

    1. Together, talk about your best friends. Think about their personality/character traits and exactly what it is that makes them such special friends. Brainstorm other traits that you may look for in a friend.
    2. Then consider — if it is certain characteristics that make someone special, how can you approach someone who doesn’t “look” the way you think a friend should to learn about who they really are rather than judging them for how they look?

I’d love to see your thoughts and hear about your experiences together with this activity. Please post them in the comments if you’d like to share! 💕

One Way To Teach Kids About Diversity
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