Parenting for the School Years

Many preschool and elementary parents I know struggle to connect with the challenges their children have at school and to understand the pressures their kids face during the hours they are away from each other.

Can you relate?
  • You feel the challenges of navigating your child’s emotional needs and keeping up with their school’s expectations.
  • You’ve noticed your child feeling overwhelmed, insecure and at times even downright irrational in their behavior.

You knew parenting wouldn’t be easy, but who knew that it could get so much harder once school began?? We’re here to tell you definitely DO NOT need to face the job alone!

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  • Classroom routines and school schedules are good for organization – but some children really struggle keeping it all straight. Not only is it hard to always be on time to begin the “next thing” but showing up fully prepared can be a daily disaster! Before you know it, grades are suffering as a result. Grades AND self-esteem.
  • Times have changed since we were younger, and navigating friendships in-person and virtually is HARD. Sometimes it seems like middle school issues are beginning as early as elementary school. Kids attempt to use very adult language but don't yet possess a more mature emotional intelligence to understand it.
  • Every child innately wants to perform well. It’s a simple fact of nature, though, that some of us are more naturally academically inclined than others. However, being “smart” isn’t necessarily any easier than feeling “dumb”. In fact, labels of all kinds stink! AND they often add a lot of undue social pressure that heightens insecurities kids are already feeling.
  • The result? So many of our little people go to school each day feeling anxious and feeling judged – by their peers, their teachers, and even themselves.
  • This kind of anxiety is akin to “fight or flight”. In other words, blood and oxygen are flowing towards the brain stem at the back of the brain to help with survival mode – which means the blood and oxygen are moving away from the frontal lobe where we make good, clear decisions (which can lead to sometimes irrational behavior).

Building upon 20 years’ experience in public and private schools, as a teacher and administrator, we designed Parenting for the School Years precisely to help YOU help your child gain confidence to empower their creativity, resilience and capability to learn.

Parenting for the School Years is designed to help you …
  • Unlock your child’s creativity, build confidence and increase her ability to problem solve for a happier home, better dinner conversations, all the while strengthening your relationship throughout the years.
  • Find freedom for YOU as much as for your child.
  • Help your child build resilience, courage, and a strong sense of self even if he isn’t the smartest, or the most popular kid in the class.
  • Create a true MEASURE of GREATNESS for your children, and the household.

Parenting for the School Years Includes….
  • 8 weeks of coaching specific to your needs + digital coursework
  • Coaching Sessions: Six individual coaching sessions to:
    • create clarity for setting goals
    • develop measures to monitor progress
    • define your family’s values
    • reflect on personal habits and strategy implementation
    • troubleshoot setbacks
    • track and celebrate successes
  • Digital Lessons + Activities: some modules are meant to be for you as a parent. Others are designed to engage the whole family if you wish. Weekly modules will be a combination of new concepts and activities + time for implementation 
  • A copy our journal Drip, Drop and Drizzle for families to engage in together

Imagine seeing your child connecting with friends on the playground and/or feeling confident through math and reading regardless of what level they are in! Our goal is peace of mind for them AND for you. Let’s talk and see if PSY is right for you.

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